Handmade art & craft

About Us

“Life is a journey, not a destination”

Travelling has never been as easy and gratifying as in this generation. We are committed to promoting handmade art & craft, ecotourism, organic farming, and various cultures. A variety of art and crafts disappeared due to various reasons. Some are under the intimidation, as making art alone does not feed sufficient wages.

This is a small campaign to support handmade and high quality cultural/local art & crafts to be existent for the future. Our goal is to promote creative artists who are experts in their area. We personally meet artists to check the quality before promoting any art in our Store. Hence we guaranty about delivering original handmade art & craft to your door. We also intended to feature vital aspects of vivid cultures, festivals, eco-tourism, sustainable living, organic farming & products.

To build the community and keep the motivation of various artists we request you to donate generously to us through http://paypal.me/sanchaariart

We thank you for your continued help and support.