Nubra Valley is one of the best drives ever along with Snow topped mountains, colorful rocky mountains, desserty towns, and most famous Khardung pass. Khardung pass is the world’s highest motorable path. Make sure to have enough food as not enough restaurants or Dhaba on the way. Sand dunes in Nubra valley have breathtaking white dessert with the view of mountains around. Sand dunes offer Camel rides for tourists. There are peaceful monasteries on top of the mountains.

Pangang Lake is a day journey from Nubra valley. There are threats about the flood as water from the mountains keeps blocking the road. Hence tourists need to drive carefully. Most part of the Pangong lake is in Tibet, the lake view is amazing from India as well. Blue, green water with one-sided red rock mountains and snow-topped mountains on the other side offers tourists a great joy.

Leh has beautiful places to hangout. Buddist temples around are popular attractions. Leh Palace demonstrates beautiful architecture and a museum. There are local restaurants that serve homemade local food. Don’t ever miss such hidden food places.

Leh-Ladakh is the most famous destinations in the Indian Himalayan regions. The rich diversity in landscape contains desserts, beautiful snow-topped mountains, breathtaking valleys, seasonal wildflowers, rivers, Buddist Monastries, Palaces, colorful lakes, and beaches. People follow their own traditions. Leh town has a beautiful market where farmers sell fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade local bread and meals, art and crafts, pieces of jewelry and many more.

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