An Itinerary to Explore captivating Assam: North East Part 1


Posted On June 13, 2022

Blue hills and red river Assam is a gateway to Northeast India. North-East states in India are exceptional for culture, beauty, and many more. During the end of November and the first week of December, I planned to explore Assam & Nagaland. The First 6 days I spent in Assam exploring beautiful craft & weaving villages, tribes, national parks, hidden waterfalls, historic ruins, misty tea gardens, and many more.

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Majuli Island in Assam

Assam is a beautiful state with many tribes and natural beauty. National parks with rich biodiversity and wildlife are major attractions for tourists. Exploring Majuli Island in the middle of the Brahmaputra river is an extraordinary episode if you are interested to meet the Mising tribe who are indigenous to the land and Brahmaputra. Satras hold a value of Assamese presence in the land. Don’t miss the weaving villages of Assam and bamboo crafts.

Sualkuchi, A vlog from my friend

Sualkuchi village is not very far from Guwahati, the capital city of Assam. Sualkuchi is popular for silk handlooms. You may walk into any home to see a small-scale weaving factory in the backyard. In fact, each village home in Assam has a weaving machine and centuries of history in weaving.

Silk handloom weavers in Sualkuchi

6 days itinerary to explore Assam

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1A day in Guwahati: Reach Guwahati by 10 am. Travel to Sualkuchi village and explore silk factories.

Reach Kamakhya temple at Nilachal hills before 4 pm, this is the oldest shaktipeeth and is famous for occult worship. Brahmaputra river overlook and sunset is beautiful outside the temple.  
Stay in Guwahati.  
2Travel to Kaziranga from Guwahati: If you could start early morning by 7 am, you reach Kaziranga by 1 PM. Explore Kaziranga National Orchid & Biodiversity Park. The park also has a museum exhibiting the history and a collection of tribal artifacts. They host cultural events in the evening to showcase folk culture from various Assamese tribes. Tickets are available at the counter.

Observation: They use eco-friendly handcrafted bamboo trashcans all over the park.  
Visit the Biodiversity Park website for more details

Stay in Kaziranga. You may connect with Sharma’s for Homestay, tents & Safari at +91-7002429621.  
3Early morning Jeep Safari: There are various zones for Safari. You may choose any one or prefer to do Safari in all the areas. There is also an elephant Safari. To watch plenty of one-horned rhinoceros choose central zone.

Disclaimer: I personally do not prefer to use animals for entertainment. Hence I do not suggest elephant safari to anyone.

Tea Gardens: Many tea gardens in the area one could explore.

Kakochang Waterfall: This hidden gem is unexplored by many tourists. Drive is beautiful with many tribal villages. 2 km hike is beautiful by crossing small streams and thick bamboo Forrest.  
Visit Kaziranga Safari to pre-book Safari and get more information.  
4Travel to Nimati Ghat to catch the ferry to Majuli Island. Almost 3 hrs journey to reach the Ferry place from Kaziranga.

On the way, you may visit the tea gardens and historic sites of Golaghat and Jorhat.

The ferry runs at specific times. Either you have to book a ferry online or be there at the counter at least half an hour early to purchase the ticket.  
To book a ferry visit Inland water transport, Assam  
5Majuli Island is beautiful for its indigenous culture and landscape. Visit various Satras on your first day. These Satras are worshipping places for various cultures in Assam.

Salmora village is full of potteries, If you are interested in seeing pottery making at home Salmora is a must-visit.

Majuli has women weavers self-help group. They weave beautiful handlooms and make decorative. Even when you visit the Mising tribe, you may purchase some handlooms from them. Do not miss shopping.

You may rent bicycles or hire a cab. It is delightful to stay in Mising community huts and taste the special tribal food.  
For stay, you may connect with +91- 9957186356.  
6Explore the beautiful Mising villages of Majuli. You need to rent a bicycle as there are no road connections for cabs or motorbikes. It is a 14 km stretch with green villages of Mising huts. Be mindful of tribal people, they don’t speak Assamese or Hindi. Many of them neither stepped out of Majuli. They offer homemade rice beer as a friendly gesture if they invite you to their homes. You have to cross the backwater in between the villages by boat. I must say you see real indigenous Majuli in this expedition.   
7Leave Majuli Island to Jorhat by Ferry.  To book a ferry visit Inland water transport, Assam  
An Itinerary to Explore Assam
One-horned Indian rhinoceros spotted having morning breakfast at Kaziranga National Park
A vlog during my visit

Facts to notice

  • Sunrise and sunset are too early for the IST timezone in North East and hence in Assam. Be prepared to wake up early and sleep early if you want to explore more places.
  • India’s largest shaktipeeth Kamakya temple is located in the capital city of Assam.
  • Majuli is the world’s oldest and largest inhabited river island. Majuli in missing tribal language is Centre/Middle.
  • Sualkuchi is the world’s biggest weaving village.
  • The one-horned rhinos are the world’s highest population in Kaziranga National park.
  • Tea gardens are built in the British era. Assam is the world’s largest tea-growing state. Jorhat is India’s tea capital.
  • Assamese food is tasty, but they don’t make curd. Be prepared to eat local food without having curd.
  • They weave beautiful handlooms and make bamboo crafts. Make sure to explore the local shops.

Written by Kanthi Hegde

Kanthi Hegde is an avid traveler, photographer, writer who loves to build a sustainable community for eco-tourism, art & craft, organic living. Understanding various cultures around the world is an intimate interest. Founder of

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