Easy and Cheap Travel to Rishikesh

Easy and Cheap Travel

Posted On October 25, 2019

If you are looking to start an absolute spiritual journey, you may be checking easy and cheap travel options to reach and travel across India. You may be checking for the best place to start your journey in India. Obviously landing on Varanasi and Rishikesh must be on top of your list.

Rishikesh, India has been an international Yoga hub for several decades. Learning yoga is increasing tread to keep body and mind healthy with stressful lifestyles in this era. Many tourists around the world visit Rishikesh to learn Yoga and Meditation. Learning Yoga in its birthplace gives immense pleasure to the seeker. Let me explain some tips and tricks to make easy and cheap travel to Rishikesh.

However, during my visit to Rishikesh, I met few international travelers who repented to squander funds for the journey. Many tourists save years of hard-earned money to travel to such destinations to behold the intrinsic nature of spiritualism. They often shocked to experience the trickery and carry disappointment. I met a Portuguese couple who poured thousands of Euros to a travel agency in Dehli to plan for a decent trip and book transportation within India. Many took overpriced taxi services from Dehli without knowing the way to reach Rishikesh using public transport. Commute usually costs very less if one knows the trick and tips to travel cheap.

How to make my trip easy and cheap to Rishikesh?

There is plenty of public transportation to make the commute easy and comfortable to Rishikesh.

Arriving from abroad

If one traveling from abroad, It is better to book a flight to Dehli. There are several ways to travel from Dehli to Rishikesh. A taxi directly from Dehli airport to Rishikesh costs around Rs 4000. Which is almost 6 hours of commute. Other options are:

Dehli to Dehradun by Flight

If you pick off-season to visit, you may find cheaper deals to fly to Dehradun from Dehli. From Dehradun airport, Rishikesh is hardly 20km by road. You will find taxi rides for Rs. 1200. You may install Uber and Ola apps which provide cab services in the area.

Dehli to Rishikesh by Road

There are many options if you prefer to travel by road. Different buses that start from various locations in Dehli and reach Rishikesh within 6 to 8 hrs duration. The cost would be vary based on the facilities you chose from Rs 500 to Rs 3500.

Various trains that run from Dehli to Haridwar would be the best and cheapest option. Haridwar to Rishikesh is easy to commute as the bus station in Haridwar located just outside the Railway station. Every 5 minutes there is a bus from Haridwar to Rishikesh. The total commute would be within Rs 300 if you prefer to travel in sleeper coaches.

The best way to book online is MakeMyTrip for both bus and Train. RedBus provides more options for buses. You may book through IRCTC for trains.

Arriving from anywhere else in India

Haridwar has good connectivity from neighboring states Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, etc. Plenty of trains runs every day from different parts of India. There are buses directly from places like Jaipur, Dharamshala and many more. Reach of public transport from major tourist destinations makes your travel to Rishikesh easy and cheap.

Is Stay Cheap and Safe?

Absolutely! Rishikesh is overwhelmed by diverse tourists. Uttarakhand is one of the best places for adventurous activities in India. Rishikesh being center for many adventurous places around, you will find bikers, hikers, rafters in the peak season. Obviously, this is one of the sacred places for Hindus. You may find many devotees arrive from various parts of India. Rooms in travelers’ hostels vary from Rs 500 to Rs 1000. The crowd would be less in monsoon hence you may find good hostels and hotels at a cheaper price if you prefer to visit off-season.

Please refer to my article How to travel solo in India as a woman for more details regarding booking your stay and transport.

Written by Kanthi Hegde

Kanthi Hegde is an avid traveler, photographer, writer who loves to build a sustainable community for eco-tourism, art & craft, organic living. Understanding various cultures around the world is an intimate interest. Founder of sanchaari.com.

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