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Posted On September 13, 2020

Northern India offers a wide range of places to be visited, be it the historic palaces, forts, temples, or the gigantic Himalayas. One might be baffled by so many alternatives.

The meticulously planned Cheap North Indian tour package covers all the must-go places in the Himalayan Ranges. It’s exclusively for the mountain lovers.

It includes the most iconic places like Nainital, Himachal Pradesh, Kinnaur-Spiti and Haridwar and Rishikesh. It would be a perfect vacay to escape the scorching heat in summer.

Everyone might have heard of the magnificent Himalayan mountains but only a few would have genuinely experienced its grandeur and elegance. The towering peaks, crystal clear river waters, squiggly valleys and blankets of snow all around are fascinating to look at. One can easily get captivated by the beautiful landscapes on this land of snow.

Adventure camping in Manali, the crown of Northern India

Camping on the foothills of the Himalayas in Manali is one of the most fabulous activities to be done. Moreover, Himalayan frontiers have their private camping site that offers a wide view of the splendid mountains.

Numerous adventure activities are arranged to spend a merry time. One can team up with friends or have a family vacation at this spot.

Bhrigu Lake: the pool of God

Bhrigu lake, a saint Himalayan beauty of Northern India

Situated in the famed district of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh Bhrigu lake is one of the most visited alpine lakes. It’s believed that many Gods dipped into its waters making it holy.

The lake is located at an elevation of about 43,000 m. A three day trip from Manali can take to the Bhrigu lake. The Bhrigu lake trek in Manali would be a thrilling and exciting adventure.

Traversing the Hampta pass

Hampta pass is a crossway that lies between Manali and Spiti. One can be astonished by the breathtaking views of the enormous snow-clad mountains plodding on the way. Hampta pass rests in the Pir-Panjal Range of the great Himalayas.

Beautiful valleys in Hampta Pass

 While crossing over, a sudden transition from green and grassy lands to semi-arid regions can be remarked. It is very much renowned for its scenic beauty. Hampta pass trek in Manali is a must go for the admirers of nature.

The ravishing Markha valley

Located in the heavenly region of Ladakh, Markha valley provides diverse landscapes to glance at. Scattered villages and cut-off oasis could be encountered along the valley sides.

The localities continue to preserve the rich culture and welcome the passersby. The Markha valley trek Ladakh is one of the most desirable treks in the Himalayan region.

Yoga in the Himalayas

Practicing yoga in the pure atmosphere of the Himalayas energizes the body like never before. Therefore doing yoga and meditation in the calm environment of the Himalayas can revitalize the mind and soul completely.

Himalayan frontiers provide an exclusive package to experience this serenity along with the discovery of the authentic culture of the Kullu Manali region.

However, if one prefers to reach Rishikesh by yourself, An easy and cheap journey to Rishikesh provides lot of tips to travel solo.

Kinnaur and Spiti valley

Known for their picturesque views, the seemingly isolated Kinnaur and Spiti are the places surprised by high top mountains. Being on the Indo Tibetan border it is a semi-deserted region.

The ethnic groups are very warmhearted and cheerful. Buddhist culture is followed and many temples, stupas, and monasteries can be found in the valley. Kinnaur Spiti tour package is very much suitable for middle-aged folks.

In today’s fast-moving it is much needed to take a break from our hectic working schedules and spend some time in nature’s lap to get refreshed.

The Himalayan Ranges can be one of the best places to be visited to have blissful times of adventure and peacefulness both together. A tour to the great Himalayas would be a great delight, especially in summers.

Written by Khem Kher

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